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A genuine antique is an item discerned as having value because of its aesthetic or historical importance and at least 100 years old, although today the term is often used loosely to describe any objects that are old. An antique is usually a product that is collected or admired because of its age, beauty, rarity, condition, utility, personal emotional connection, and other distinctive features. It is an object that represents an ancient era or period in human history.

Note that antiquing also means the craft of making an object appear antique through distressing or applying an antique-looking paint application. Often, individuals get confused between these distressed handmade vintages or new items and authentic antiques. Would-be antique collectors who are unsuspicious of the imbalances may find themselves giving a high amount of money for a thing that has small value in the antiquing field.

 How to Find Values for our Antiques and Collectibles

As uncertain as valuing antiques can be, appraisers do value them every day of the week mainly by looking at comparable values. Ideally, finding some recorded sales for the same piece you’re researching would yield a reasonably accurate valuation. You would discard the high and low costs, and average the remaining figures. Many times live auction results, some of which are available online now, although some services of this nature are fee-based) are used for this purpose.

Appraisers extend out a bit to include the same items reasonably often, especially where antique furniture is concerned. You can do the same thing yourself, as mentioned previously, with some time, patience, and guidance.

 Guides for determining the value of antiques

·       Rarity

The antique market operates on the principles of demand and supply, so scarcity is a principal determinant.

·       Condition

Damage or wear and tear will lessen the value and in some collecting fields, such as die-cast toys, where the availability of original packaging can double the price, has become of prime importance. In general terms, the more original the item, the better and there is, in collecting fields such as oak and country furniture, always a premium to be paid for those items that have escaped restoration and repair or acquired a pleasing surface patina and colour.

·       Names

Knowing the name of who or where a work of art was made is always beneficial. This can be as simple as the name of a town on a clock face that enhances its appeal to residents or the mark to a piece of porcelain denoting it as the product of a particular factory.

·       Fashion

Tastes for art and antiques change just as they do in everything else. The art market is littered with once-popular artists whose star has dimmed or whose work is mainly unappreciated until future generations reassessed it.