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The community is a group of people who are working towards achieving a common goal, have the same faith and help each other out through the hard times. A community needs assessment identifies the strengths and resources available in the community to meet the needs of children, youth, and families. The evaluation focuses on the capabilities of the community, including its citizens, agencies, and organisations.

A community is a common thread used to bring people together to support each other in the fight to overcome those dangers. As human beings, we need a discernment of belonging, and that sense of possession is what connects us to the many relationships we build.

What makes a community Important?

A community that is safe, comfortable and trusting can be so enticing that people can overlook the life outside of their community, or regard other communities with subtle prejudices.

Inclusion in the social life of society is community’s foundation. By composition, I mean universal access to entry, starting with legal protections against exclusion racial discrimination, for example but going far, far beyond. Inclusion means access to jobs with fair pay, decent shelter, effective schools, and reliable health care.

Community protects us from the confinement and indifference we fear.  Because in this world, people are left with no choice and the city is about discovering each other and a place we can refer to as home. But we are also compelled to develop community not only because we are survivors in an existing world order but because we bring a change to a society that erases our differences. By dealing with disagreements, we confront the question of the social and economic foundations of our society. By building community, we put some order in the fragmented world.

Appreciating that community is vital to human wellbeing calls us to a specific kind of courage: walking with our fear of exclusion to stand up for inclusion. A good community is a united, safe, confident, prosperous and happy place. It is free of poverty and crime, providing a high quality of life for everyone that lives there. It values and promotes open, participative development processes underpinned by the continuous culture of trans-generational learning.

What makes a right community?

·       Membership - that feeling that a piece of us is imbued in the community, that we have an entitlement to belong and feel welcome

·       Influence - that feeling that we have some say in the community issues that affect us and that our opinions are appreciated and respected

·       Integration and fulfilment of needs - based on the notion that the community has plenty opportunities for both individual and social achievement including basic needs, recreation, and social interaction. Some scholars have referred to this as the meeting the needs of 'whole person' in all our roles, (e.g., goods, services, recreation, desirable social interaction activities, etc.)

·       Shared emotional connection - based in part on shared history or sense of community and quality of interactions within the community

Importantly for many communities, a strong social and aesthetic foundation is critically important to building a healthy and sustainable economy.