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A job, or occupation, is a person's responsibility in society. More precisely, a job is an activity, often regular and often performed in exchange for payment or a living. Getting a job is an essential custom in many cultures. The youth may start by doing household work, odd jobs, or working for a family business. In many countries, school children get summer jobs during the long summer vacation. Students matriculated in higher education can register for basic training to further

enhance the probability of securing an entry-level position upon graduation.

Types of Jobs

1.     Jobs can be categorized, by the average hours per week, into full time or part-time. They can be classified as temporary, odd jobs, seasonal, self-employment, consulting, or contract employment.

2.     Jobs can be categorized as paid or unpaid. Examples of outstanding employment are a homemaker, mentor, advisor, student, and often intern.

3.     Jobs can be categorized according to the level of skill required.

4.     Some jobs necessitate particular training or an academic degree.

5.     Those without a paid full-time job may be classified as unemployed if they are searching for a full-time job.

Moonlighting is the act of sustaining an additional job or jobs, often at night, in addition to one's primary responsibility, usually to earn extra income. A person who moonlights may have little time left for sleep or leisure activities.

A ‘stable job’ is what the majority hopes to be in. It’s this 'magical' place where you get paid at regular intervals and can feel secure. These are the two most important components of a 'stable job,' a pay check and a feeling of security. The third element of a ‘stable job’ is that you are being paid to do what you were told. The more ‘stable’ the job you’re in, the more of cog you need to be to fit into this job.

The problem with a 'stable job' is that getting paid and feeling secure becomes your priority and everything else takes a backseat.

Unlike job satisfaction, the essentiality of work varies as working life changes. Work significance is not an issue among employees. Those working in the public sector, organizations and charities perceive their work as being slightly more meaningful than others do.

Stability at work means you always have something to offer that your employers want. You are continually upgrading yourself by getting additional certifications, maybe the other degree, learning new skills, putting your current talents to work, etc. Employers want to believe that you are always doing something to make him/ her look good, bring progress, bring money by building revenue, bring new information, bring time efficiency, bring new knowledge, bring the organization.As the primary measure of the country’s economic health, the job market and its data seep into our daily lives in many ways large and small. More jobs create a virtuous cycle of growth and a stronger economy.