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Photoshop Service
2019-05-28 08:20:33Services
This GIG is here to help you prepare any kind of photo for Ecomerce Business or ...

It is user’s responsibility that listings you create/services you offer, you must follow our terms of use, Prohibited content guide that must be followed by users, this includes but is not limited to the following content:

 - All weapons/firearms but not limited to:

  • BB Guns
  • Pallet Guns
  • Spear Guns
  • Paintball Guns
  • Tear Gas
  • Ammunitions
  • Stun Guns
  • Tasers
  • Magazines
  • Archery/Accessories
  • Bow & Arrow
  • Switchblade Knives
  • Martial Art Weapons/Accessories/Parts

- Any batteries containing mercury. 

- All tobacco related products not limited to e-cigar/cigarettes 

- All animal parts, endangered animals/plants are not to be sold; are prohibited please refer to the (Cities Plants and Animals)

 - Any associated/related dealings of bodily fluids surrogacy/adoption.

- For health and safety reasons we do not allow the sale of used cosmetics.

- Stolen goods/property.

- Any documentation related to government of any country; survey, census, voting or other.

- Any dealings related to mining machinery, securities/stock bitcoins is forbidden 

- Prostitution is strictly prohibited/anything related to sex/offers.

- Chemicals related to hazardous/pesticides/toxic materials.

- Under no circumstances can tanning services/machinery be advertised.

- Selling or advertising non prescribed/non approved/ supplements or anything related to medication.

- Any work from home/franchise related business.

- Advertising, buy or selling outside of Australia.

- Any copy write material such as digital goods/software you do not have permission to sell/distribute.

- All Adult/pornographic related material.

- Gambling related activity that includes Sweepstakes, Slot Machines Lottery Tickets Entries/Completions/Raffles.

-  Any illegal related activity

-  Any equipment belonging to the government/Armed Forces is prohibited

- Personal/identity including documentation and other information such as financial records.

- Any related advertising of alcoholic beverages.

- Any related advertising of drugs

- Selling any related government property such as documents IDs, uniforms, licences and badges.

-  Any related explosive used for destruction.

-  Any sexual/escort related services. 

- Protected/endangered species 

- Replica/ fake brands

- All users must follow recalled guidelines – Banned items/products that do not meet all the required standards for mandatory product safety standards, for more information please visit: Australia – (

-  Any electronic device/telecommunication equipment that is illegal not limited to traffic signal control gadgets, cables, scanners, passcode scanners and other related devices.